Amber: Our Boss Lady.

AKA - Team Mum.. like literally. So generous, a breath of fresh air and wants to love & care for anyone in her path.

Where we shine_____________________

She's got a gift with people and words. Her level of care is out of this world. She is a lover of blondes and always up for a challenge & a life D&M. Will bend over backwards to help wherever she can. Loves a good chat and will not forget a convo about your dog, what you planted in your garden or what coffee you drink!

In our spare time____________________

When she's not busy in the salon, you'll find Amber happiest with her boys. They are the loves of her life. They love going to mummy's shop for a sneaky lollypop! She loves to get out for a walk and coffee when the sun is shining!

Family holidays are always a highlight and something she most looks forward to making memories with her loved ones.

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