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Our Tribe



Our Boss Lady

AKA - Team Mum.. like literally. So generous, a breath of fresh air and wants to love & care for anyone in her path.

  Where we shine

She's got a gift with people and words. Her level of care is out of this world. She is a lover of blondes and always up for a challenge & a life D&M. Will bend over backwards to help wherever she can. Loves a good chat and will not forget a convo about your dog, what you planted in your garden or what coffee you drink!

  In our spare time

When not busy in the salon, you'll find Amber happiest with her boys. They are the loves of her life. They love going to mummy's shop for a sneaky lollypop! She loves to get out for a walk and coffee when the sun is shining! Family holidays are always a highlight and something she most looks forward to making memories with her loved ones.



100% has it under control! Loyal as hell, loves a joke.

Where we shine
She's got your back, and your hair goals are Mel's top priority. Mel's style is extremely laid back, but her hairdressing style is that of lived in blondes, can foil until the cows come home. Healthy, shiny hair is her goal and will knock your socks off with her blow-dry skills.

In our spare time
In between travelling back and forth to Sydney, you'll find Mel hanging upside down in a hoop or clinging to a pole and trying to make it look pretty. Her two dogs are the loves of her life and never far away!
She is always up for a chat, easily overshares, and is not afraid to make a joke at her own expense.




Our brave rising star, ready to tackle any challenges that head her way.

Where we shine
A sensational shampoo & blow-dry has become Shannan's forte. Greeting and meeting new clients is a place where she naturally shines. Shannan loves learning the tricks of the trade and cannot wait to explore more of what hairdressing has to offer.

In our spare time
When she's not in the salon, you'll find Shannan spending quality time with her loved ones. She loves a catch up with her friends and is a sucker for a good TV series. Holiday time for Shannan looks like camping with her loved ones on the beautiful South Coast enjoying her favourite spot, "the beach". It's the little things in life for Shannan, that's for sure.




Our Bubbly Colour Queen

Chels loves colour, especially blondes and big colour transformations. She will always make you feel right at home.

Where we shine
You’ll find Chels foiling until her vision blurs, she finds so much joy in the process of lightening and creating a breathtaking transformation! Healthy hair is always at the top of the list of her priorities. She loves to chat about anything, or nothing at all if you just want to relax while you get pampered. You can always look forward to a good head massage! 

In our spare time
In every spare moment Chels loves to spend time with her little girl Ruby, she is the light of her life! In the warmer weather she loves to spend days out on the boat skiing with her little family and friends, creating memories and laughing with the ones close to her heart! 

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